Welcome at White Pony Microbrewery's Beer-store

We're a small craft brewing project born in 2013 and focused on brewing extreme & in your face beers full of taste. 

In these years we have received several amazing ratings, feedbacks and won medals in international awards. We export in in several countries and we wished to create a webshop to let our supporters and fans discover all our beers, including beers and merchandise that often they are not able to find. 
But of course even to let our beers meeting new people. 

Our name is inspired by the horse from the epic movie "The Everlasting Story". We take all the distances from other possible meanings attributed to White Pony Microbrewery. Peace!

Our slogan:
Quality - Knowledge - Innovation

In addition to our classic year-round brewed beers and our occasional brews (sometimes even one shot), We love to work with oak barrels and even wild yeasts. Check out our "Oak Barrel Aged Collection" and our "Wild Adventures Series".

We also like to offer some top quality guest beers aswell to make people discover some products we love to drink.

If you need additional informations please visit our website or contact us.

Thanks in advance for buying and so supporting White Pony Microbrewery, we love you!